Corrupt or unreadable folders/files

Anyone know anything about fixing corruption problems?

scandisk/chkdsk works pretty well

yea, but it says there are errors which require you to use /f to fix it.
so, do i type chkdsk :d /f do to it?

Im also thinking that the disk is very fragmented and needs to be defragged.

Funny thing is this: The folder takes up around 55 GB and I had 7 GB free before the folder disappeared. When it dissapeared I still had 7 GB free (right now). So Im wondering if its just a simple error maybe. I also cannot defrag the drive… the reason the files appear to be gone is that the drive might be so fragmented that it does not know where everything is anymore.

the only reason it wouldn’t know where everything is is if the file system was corrupted. Yes, running chkdsk with the /f option is what you need to do. /f means it will fix problems. Run that and if that doesn’t do the trick, try scandisk. after everything is corrected, then defrag.

Ok, I tried to fix problems, it tells me that the volume is in use by other applications and that I can have to scan for problems next time I restart my computer. Tried that and I dont think it did anything to help. Since I cant scan and fix problems, it wont let me defrag either. Probably because the volume is in use also.

If you have a DOS boot disk, start that up, and when the prompt comes up, THEN use:

chkdsk (Driveletter): /f

Although it should help, don’t expect it to work wonders. I used it on my old computer, and it didn’t do anything.

Do what Weasel suggested if your hard drive has a FAT32 filesystem. If you use NTFS, boot from the Win2k or XP install CD and chose the repair option. Then chose the repair console (not the automatic repair) and then type in chkdsk (driveletter) /f when you get to the command prompt.

ChemBot, what difference would it make if I have a FAT32 vs. a NTFS filesystem? I had an NTFS filesystem, and I used the boot disk idea. Would it really matter if I booted from a floppy vs. the install CD?

Well, DOS can’t read NTFS partitions, so booting with a DOS boot disk would do nothing since it wouldn’t know that there was a partition at all. You would have to use the emergency recovery console with NTFS partitions.

I’ve tried the recovery console already. I dont think that helped either, its FAT32 so maybe it didnt do much.

try booting to a DOS boot disk and running scandisk then.

Ok, when I get around to it.

Ok, I’ll go as far as buying a program to restore the data. Somehow I’ll figure it all out, thx for the help you guys.