Copying the Slashdot Poll

I saw this guy over on Slashdot and wanted to ask you hombres about it. Seems like a good question, and will help me prepare for when I single-handedly defeat you all in hand-to-hand combat next Fall.


zug zug

an armored war-hippo.

that’s a hand-to-hippo weapon

Dirty orcses don’t taste very good do they, precious?

No they do not.

So it doesn’t count? :frowning:

oh… that Sting.

I thought it meant the performer.

By performer, do you mean the singer or the wrestler? Because that’s a whole different category of weaponry there.

The horn of Gondor!


By weaponry do you mean the wrestler or the baseball bat?

by baseball bat do you mean aluminum or wood?

By wood do you mean the mineral or what I get whenver I see you?

Bring your pretty face to my axe!!

<img src=“”>

Only one of these can cut through anything as far as I know

Every breath you take
And every move you make
Every bond you break, every step you take
I’ll be watching you

As Trotsky has shown, it is the lyrical prowess of Sting.

what are you tlaking abut thast not sitng tahst teh P IDIDDYDDYIDDYDIY

truly these are melodies to worship