I only have 75 cents, so I guess it’s time for some adjustments… Liberalism wins again!

My cousin tried to start a Strait Arrow club at his school after a gay club was formed.

They denied his application.

And a dollar for a cookie to fund a conservative organization is a travesty. I would have smashed their table, broken their cookies, burned their money, and murdered the ringleaders.

Then the raw materials for cookie making would be returned to the masses, to be divided up equally. Except for the majority, which would go to me and my cohorts.

A white club? It’s about time.

And no, there is no American culture to celebrate. Well, technically there is, but we’d rather you didn’t.

Yeah, Canadian, hate our culture. Despite the fact that it’s descended from the same place as yours, you crazy bastard.

Also, Aaron, it is clear to me that you are indeed a communist. How else can you explain a decision to burn money and destroy (i.e., not eat) cookies?

True, affirmative action is a poor idea. Still, it’s the conservatives who are fighting gay marriage and anti-discrimination against gays laws, so they aren’t any better off.

Also, even Communists eat cookies instead of destroying them.


Fascist pigs…

Not that I want to ruin the mood, but most conservatives are opposed to the notion that there is a Constitutional right to homosexual marriage. A great many of them probably aren’t keen on the general idea, but I, who am rather keen for rather obvious reasons, agree with them to the extent that it’s an issue that needs to be decided democratically by the community instead of judicially.

Similarly, their reasons (the good ones anyway - I’m ignoring the (bad) religious ones) for opposing anti-gay-discrimination laws are that businesses ought to have a prerogative to hire whomever they choose, and for whatever reason they choose. You can take this however you want, but I choose to think that it’s a reasonable course of action and is the only one that’s truly compatible with the proper functioning of a free society.

And Aaron, no one bakes cookies with blood. That’s sick, dude… sick. What communists would not do is eat cookies that were manufactured by wage workers efficiently and at low cost.

So you’re saying you want people to vote on the issue instead of the courts deciding? GOOD IDEA!
And businesses should have the right to hire whomever they like? I AGREE TOO, even if they’re racist, because it’s their business, they can run it how they’d like.

I can’t tell if you’re being sracastic or not. Either way, it’s <strike>just as funny</strike> a moot point. I just think people should let gays marry and shut up about it, but in exchange they don’t get to have parades any more.

I Say We Smash The Machines And Return To The Fields!!

Break Out Your Tolkien, Fellow Luddites, And Unite!



In most cases we do save the blood for delicious bread, but macaroons are an exception. Macaroons just don’t taste the same without it.

That’s because macaroons taste like ass.

I also cannot tell if above was sarcasm or not.

So I guess ass tastes delicious, because macaroons are the fantasticest source of saturated fat ever.

an essential nutrient if ever there was one

You have rather apparently forgotten Crisco, which is best eaten with a spoon. Though you are correct. Ass is delicious.

On another note, my pleasure with professional football has been ratcheted up a notch (meaning I hate it even more than I used to). Is anyone aware that Donovan McNabb is awful? I mean really, truly awful? The fact that anyone talks about him at all is evidence of “social concern” - though not of the racial minorites kind, rather the inability to play sports kind. Maybe the NFL should just fine Limbaugh $200,000. After all, I hear that’s the set penalty amount for doing something reasonable.

Limbaugh was foolish in his statement though. He thinks that the media latches on to the black quarterback, because it loves black cock, or something…but he’s wrong.

McNabb is a darn good QB. I don’t really like him, but he took his team to an NFC Championship, played with a broken ankle, threw and ran all over his conference the last two years. He’s a quality QB. He comes out, sucks two games, and everyone starts bitching about how he’s overrated. Fooey.

Now Vick. There is no greater QB. I would take him over Manning, Montana, Marino…you name it. The man is an unstoppable force that wins games by himself. Saying he’s overrated and the media latches on to him simply because he’s black is retarded. THE MAN IS JESUS ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD!

Now look at the rest of the field: Rodney Peete, Jeff Blake, Kordell Stewart. The media couldn’t care less about these fags, because they all suck horribly. When’s the last time you saw Peete advertising soup?

And even saying that we fall all over good black qb’s more than the white one’s is folly as well. If I have to hear one more thing about Jake Delhomme being the second coming of Christ, I’m going to puke. See also: Maddox, Hasselbeck, Harrington.

The media attaches itself to whoever’s the flavor of the minute. Whether this is McNabb (who now has his critics), or our hometown mediocre superstar: Joey Harrington.

Rush was just plain wrong. Plus his analysis was retarded. I don’t think he’s ever watched a football game that didn’t contain the Pittsburg Steelers. I was tired of hearing him blow Maddox and Famous Amos Zerroue.

So hooray for him no longer being on that show.

Rush is

I heard on KABC that after rush made that comment, the football player the media is saying was offended, actually agreed with him.

McNabb clearly isn’t bright, then…

BECAUSE WHERE’S THE MEDIA COVERAGE ON RODNEY PEETE, GOD DAMMIT??? I want to hear about his trip to the local Carl’s Jr. to get a burger!!

Well, if I’m not mistaken, you said you are a libertarian, so taking the liberal view on civil rights issues makes sense. Regardless, this issue being decided by the community is foolish. It would pretty much mean any community with a high gay population would allow marriage and any community with a high religious one would not, which of course is no good for the few gay people in those highly religious areas. Besides, why should it be illegal anyhow?

As for the anti-discrimination stuff, well I don’t think that businesses being able to hire whomever they choose is such a bad idea, however since in most areas it is currently illegal to discriminate based on sex, religion, ethnicity, age, and race, it seems logicial to add sexual orientation to the list. Doesn’t it?

As for the whole McNabb issue, well I’ve never watched any sort of media that features him, so I’ll just side with Trotsky, since I usually share a similar view to him and I usually don’t share a similar view to Rush.