So I hear that summer is on its way.

How I miss playing golf. Especially playing golf poorly and drunk.

I also don’t know where those sunglasses went.

I’ll also miss last summer’s misadventures eating German food in an open air, bee filled environment:

It’s really annoying not having a pair of sunglasses, you know that?

And something tells me this summer won’t feature me drinking beer out of a bucket :frowning:

They weren’t even that great…they were just really convenient. I can’t explain it…they just were.

Cheese worship. The only way to go:

I’m not wearing the sunglasses in this picture. But I am wearing a pirate hat. A close trade off…

I’m thinking about starting up hippo week again, since we did so much with it last year:

I hate being out in the sun now…

So what are you clowns going to do this spring/summer?


That second pic of yours.

That’s a real-life (8L

Where do you think Roms got the inspiration for the Trot_to_Trotsky orb?


You’re an attractive man, Trot.

Marry me.

Can do.

However, we’ll have to move to Vermont.

I’m fairly sure he got it from your fat face.

And this summer my plans include going to work, coming home from work, repeat. And maybe shooting myself.

This summer I will be going to Hawai’i right after exams so I don’t have to think about the horrible grade I will have gotten in linear algebra and multivariable calculus.

Avoid the natives. They’ll steal your soul.

<strike>Hooray for math!</strike>

I was expecting scary clowns from the thread title and all I saw were pictures of Tro- oh… I see.

Amongst other things I’ll be going to a music festival (Or maybe two if I can get free tickets) and then off to Holland!

Isn’t anyone poorer than I???

I want to go to Japan this summer, but I might not be able to go, so here is a picture I found on the Internet!

Hah! Look at this guy! I mean… Wow! This is why I love the Internet!

That man > Brad Pitt. Give him an H2 with twenty-fohs.

What can I say, I’m a sexy beast when full of beer and German food.