Clarett eligible for Draft

He should definately go ahead of Perry.

And that’s why the Miami Dolphins never return your calls.

I would be with you, Poma, if he hadn’t lost a year of playing time. Currently, there’s got to be some question about how prepared he is, not to mention health. His freshman year was plagued by injuries. I would expect that to be something under close scrutiny. But I won’t be surprised if he goes before Perry and I won’t cry foul either.


it is ok, the hippos love you anyway.

I would draft hippo above Mo Cleetus any day, and I’m sure all the major NFL teams (ie, <i>all</i> the NFL teams) think the same.

Not so much because Perry is better than Mo, which is moslt likely not the case, but because of the reaction the NFL had when hippo became eligible–

“Mo Cleetus, eh? Isn’t he a… you know… Sophomore? And small? And injury prone? And kind of a bitch? Who made him eligible anyway? What’s going on here?” -The NFL

In terms of NFL capabilities, Perry is a much better prospect right now than MoCleets. Mostly because he’s not horribly underweight and not currently broken in 18 different ways.

Oh, and posts above have been hippo-ized.

Apologies for my forgetfulness. I hope this helps:

I’d agree that right now Perry is probably more NFL ready, but Clarett has more potential, as he’s clearly the more talented back. I wouldn’t draft either one in the first round, and I wouldn’t draft Perry at all because he’s too fat. All he is is the second coming of Antowain Smith.

hippos hippos more stuff about hippos

Cleetus is still too small. I just don’t think he’d make a great NFL back, even if he wasn’t a retard who can’t manage to pass the easiest classes ever, or not commit massive fraud.

Not like a hippo, which is big and dangerous.