so which should it be. Answers culled from good proposals.

clan namako

Clan Hammolar

gah i wish i wish i could change polls

and also add clan where is my excel and clan corboll and clan arby’s

reply saying you vote for any of those three. Or clan namako.

(HINTL I vote for all but clan namako)

I vote for Clan Corboll, Clan Namako and Clan Arby’s.

Voted Clan bees, Clan wonk and Clan Duckface but I also vote for Clan Arby’s.

Phew, this is a lot of voting.

Voted for Clan Hippos.

And I see my suggestions for Clan Taylon or Clan nalC didn’t make the list :frowning:

Clan Arby’s added.

Checkbox poll, voting all.

there are no votes for clan arby’s

Arby’s votes added for people who wanted an Arby’s option.

Deadly Viper Assassination Squad
Ultimate Slaying Squad Rage
Final FIghters
Shining(burning) Knuckles
The Magnificent 10
Team X-treme
The Sexy Beasts
Samurai Jacks
Brimstone Robbers
Team Moxie
World Wide Enema
Rushing Beat
True Believers

so add all these to the list then we will talk

Unless you plan on hacking or otherwise cheating, reallyasi9 is going to make this decision. Have you consulted with his tromboneness?



Silly people…

By the way, I made level 7 yesterday. I want to steal more stuff from my current clan before starting up the new one. I suggest everybody else do the same.

What about those of us not in clans?

You should steal your own pants, then steal real money from Roms. Then steal Roms’ pants.

Done, done, and almost done.