Checking status of SMART data on windows

A couple of weeks ago, right before my vacation, I got a message about a failing drive in Windows. I rushed out to Costco to get a 3TB external drive to backup to (only $129!) and completed that. Anyway, I wanted to see what exactly was going on so I booted to Linux to check the smart status to see what was up,definitely a failing drive.

Now I found a nice tool to view it in windows. From CCleaner people comes Defraggler: which shows SMART stats! SCORE! So if you’re stuck with windows and need to check SMART status try this tool, it’s free.

That’s indeed pretty nice software (just like much of the rest that Piriform has to offer).

And what about a 64 bit edition though?

Defraggler, like other Piriform software (such as CCleaner), provides both x86 (IA-32) and x86-64 (AMD64) executable images. Did you try it out already? Because there’s even literally an executable file called “[FONT=Courier New]Defraggler64.exe[/FONT]” (in the “[FONT=Courier New]%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files[/FONT]” directory). Actually, I must say, Piriform has a pretty good track record when it comes to providing x86-64 native software.