Check out the chops. I'm now officially hot

you remind me of my brother.

I am scared.

Just grow out your nails and start calling everyone ‘Bub’ and you’ll be a popular fellow. Not because of the Wolverine similarity, but because everyone will think of you as that crazy hairy guy with long finger nails that talks into an old Campbels soup can like a Vietnam-era walky talky. Or at least I will…

You need a pirate hat.

He needs a black hat. A black Amish hat.

Those things are awesome.

Good work, sir.

And a Dollar Store eye patch.

Wait wait wait… what was that I saw?

<img src=“”>

Let’s zoom in and inhance that…

<img src=“”>

Thought so.


Would you faggots please stop voting “not?”


There, I’ve just invalidated your gaywad-ness.

I just got Florida’d!

I Have Tipped The Scales

I can’t rightfully vote “hot” because he looks too much like my brother.

I neither conform nor deny ANYTHING.

Also, I give mad e-props to my e-homeboy Trotsky.