Amazingly, I saw the uncut version of South Park the Movie on Comedy Central, with it’s full violence and curse words. I didn’t know they could do this, is this the beginning of the end of censorship? And what is your opinion on censorship in general.

My opinion is that the end of censorship on tv would be good, it inhibits freedom of speech, you should be able to say what you want. And kids eventually learn all the curse words in school anyways.

Nothing should be said (or thought) unless it complys with what the government wasnt us to say and think.


Marry and reproduce.

I think censorship serves a purpose by definining what is interesting. If someone does something that’s just at or beyond the border of censorship, it generally indicates they’ve got a point to make. If everyone does offensive stuff all the time, that meaning gets taken away, leaving even less options for communication than existed with censorship.

I could never figure out why some words on some shows are bleeped out after midnight. No little kids are watching TV at midnight.

Also, I heard that “shit” was used a couple weeks ago on TNN at 10:30 PM.

fuck shit damn bitch were said like 30 times in that south park movie, i was suprised, this is around 2 am.

I am against censorship.

Except for furries.

hehe whenever I se movies on TV they censor “god” but not “dammit”.


They don’t really censor language here in England if it’s after 9pm.

When I was camping near the Canadian border in Washington, I was able to use a normal TV antenna to pickup some normal channels, one channel was showing the Sopranos, language, nudity and all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Canadian channels own jews.