Cat: no

So my cat died less than an hour ago. I’m kind of stunned. He’s been in bad health for a while now, and worse condition yesterday and today, but earlier today he was walking around. I saw him about ten or twenty minutes ago. It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen, and I’m generally the one around here that finds dead pets. Other people’s pets, too. Even the gerbil that was being gnawed on by its cage-mate. This seemed worse.

I’ll, uh, write more later. Or not. It depends on whether I think I can do it right.

Sorry about your cat, dude.

And I will continue my trend of using emoticons to show e-emotion: :frowning:

I am sad. I like kittens and pets in general, and I certainly care more when a pet dies than when 5400000000000000000000000 African kids starve to death. My condoleances.

“Hang tough, KBV.”

Say now, using emoticons to express emotion? That’s just crazy talk. Everyone knows that emoticons are to be used in random sequences at the end of sentences for no actual purpose :sad: :ghost: :faint: :confused: :stuck_out_tongue: :bouncing1 :goof: :wink: :ghost: :sad: .

Also Vaska: buck up buck-o, I know the feeling. Of course it’s even more fun when it’s a person and not a pet that you find… Yeah, I like that feeling… :frowning:

Poor Vaska.

May you cat catch birds in kitty heaven.

AKA bird hell.