Carls Jr. uses sex ads to sell food

I Am Now Hungry

What the hell does that message at the end mean? Eat right? Exercise more? Huh? First off, eating one of those burgers is not eating “right” in the slightest. Second, are they implying that riding a mechanical bull on the extra slow speed while you eat is enough exercise to make you look like her, even after eating that gigantic cholesterol and saturated fat bomb? 'Cause if so, I’m eating nothing but those burgers from now on!

Actually, the atkins diet urges the consuption of protein filled foods with low carbs, so… it’s actually pretty good for you!

High protien, yes. High saturated fat and cholesterol, no.

it makes it taste, DELICIOUS!

MmmmMmmm Burger

wishes he were the beefs


Omg I Want Beef!!

We could always send The Carl’s Jr. Advertising Div to The Hot chick thread. Who knows they might even mention the forum on the next commercial huh?

.me wakes up, Yea like that’ll ever happen. :lol:

carls jr. rocks, their guacamole bacon six dollar burger is delicious.