His posts as of late have become absolutely inexcusable, and his attidude is just as bad. I cannot stand having him around at these forums. I read the forums every day, even though I may not post, and I am getting fucking sick and tired of his attitude, so please, can we at least discuss getting rid of him?

sure, he does get on my nerves, i can barely understand what he says half the time.

How about dragon and Oblivion as well for flaming?

two week bans for those fruits.

Smee, has Leon actually done anything that would require a banning, other than just not making any sense? Unless he has (besides things he has already been warned for) then it’s makes the decision that much harder to make. I think both Chris and I agree that banning should only be done when absolutely necessary.

Also, warnings have been issued to ^DrAgOn^ and Oblivion. Any more flaming from them will result in a 2 week ban.

How about contributing absolutely nothing to the forums and being practically the #1 cause of all flamewars here?

Leon should be warned to not be an ass too.

What do you mean practically? Between Leon and Calosus, I can account for every single flame war that’s ever happened on here. Yes, other parties have been involved at times, but the fact that one of two people can always be found to take part in a flame war is a clear sign of how dangerous those people are.

Leon is not the cause for the flame war, he is usually the target of the flame war.

Many times, what happens is he sees a joke, takes it as some crazy insult, and flips out. The fire spreads from there.

The fire burns.

i never said he was the instigator. I merely said he takes part. He is often the target yes, but that is because few people like him. Herein lies the problem. AS LONG AS HE IS PRESENT ON THESE FORUMS THESE FLAME WARS WILL KEEP ERUPTING.

I will agree that he has done nothing wrong, but he is the one that lets an insult become a flame war. He is the target every time, and his continued existence in these forums continues to threaten their stability. Likewise with Cal, when he gets uppity and starts insulting people for their beliefs.

Hmm… seems we have quite a dilemma on our hands then.

Very much so. But I am going to stick with my assumption (reexplained here for further explanation):

Leon is annoying, yet has not done anything to be banned. Because he is annoying, most people hate him. Because most people hate him, his is the target of most hatred on the forums. Because he is the target of most hatred on the forums, he gets flamed the most. Because he gets flamed, he overreacts, and thus starts a flame war. Flame wars ar a threat to the continued stability of these forums.

Ergo: Leon is a threat to the continued stability of these forums (through the hatred that is aimed at him for his stupid/ignorant/off-topic/inane/nonsensical ramblings.)

So… ban him since he is a threat to the forums, which you would think is a bannable offence…?

he’s been banned.


I’m not sure if it’s right or wrong.
But it’s probably fo rthe best, Leon never liked getting flamed and no one want’s flame wars.

Oblivion was probably joking and Leon can’t seem to not think negatively when something requires brain power.

So…everybody is unbanned now… Well, MG still is, but Leon is not. Chris, Pipian and Oblivion are right. If you don’t take a firm stand on this issue, it’s more likely that you’re going to lose loyal members (or new members) for this lack of a firm decision from you. I don’t think they should have been unbanned so early, or Leon at all.

I set the ban for two weeks, for some reason it didn’t go two weeks (the new system has a timer sort of thing). If any of them screw up again, perm ban, for real.