Has had the most abestos related deaths in the United States.

Post anything you’ve heard or know about the state of California.

Part of California is on the Pacific plate, which is slowly making continental love to the North American plate (it’s a case of subduction). Eventually the coast of California will be consumed in the hellish fires lurking beneath Nevada.

I live here. It’s 75 degrees and sunny in the dead of winter. California is lead by a cybernetic being from the future, and that means we’re cooler than you.

Mainly because most people would argue that the rest of the country is led by a monkeyman.

I know I’d take cyberwarior over monkeyman any day. And bear in mind that I hate them both, so I’m 100% objective on this.

But Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhnold is much more charismatic. How can you not enjoy his accent?

interestingly enough, I’m watching Kingergarten Cop right now, which is one of his best films ever.

“Maybe it’s a tumor.”
“It’s not a tumah!”

The ferret really stole the show in that one. Arnold was more of a supporting actor.

My daughter got raped in California.

By gays.

Great milk comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from california.

Oh, by the way, Spring has started here already. It was 85 degrees and sunny, without a cloud in the sky. Wearing pants is optional.

I’m not wearing pants, how about you?

It is nice and warm here, (a high in the balmy thirties) but i am wearing pants anyway.

The source of my horrible allergic reaction is located within California.



jingle… all the way…? no wait… that one sucked.

it’s cheese. CHEESE.

yes, well the cows don’t look so happy in california. they sit out in the hot desert in stables, getting sprayed with water, then they are slaughtered. of course, those aren’t milked cows, so moot point.

and isn’t it: “Happy cheese comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California” ?

Happy cows are made possible by happy cow research. I can smell Ag City if the wind is right.

that’s what i just said.

Technically you said “great cheese,” since your correction only changed the “milk” part of “great milk.”