Man I want some cake. Where’s the delicious cake, guys? I demand you post images of delicious cake in this thread so I can see the delicious cake and go “MMM that cake looks delicious, such a delicious cake”



Oh damn, the magic of cake… I should force romshand to send me cake to keep this forum up… yeah…

You can’t eat those cakes! Try harder, cake-posters! MM CAKE


Talking about your website, just so you know the link to Smee’s old website (Another accident) seems to have been took over by some spam site.

I had delicious chocolate cake today for dessert at lunch.

Well damn, I blame smee! Thats a quick fix, and I’m suprised you actually visited the front page!

Do I get cake if I fix it and link to your site if you have one?

I would give you a cake if I had a site! (Well one with any decent content)