Bad day for that gentleman.

9 million bees > that guy

9 million bees and only 20 stings? THIS MAN IS NEO.

9 million - 20 = 9 million.

FIXT teehehehehehehehe

He was stung more than 20 times, which could easily mean he was stung 9 million times.

Soon the bees will come after him to finish the job.

They have his scent. The hunt will begin.

Ah. I now understand. Thank you for clarifying.

How do you clean something like that up? Do the guys in those silly space-costumes from space come and pick up the hives or something? I would like to see one of those fellows emerge from a truck-wreck with 9 megabees on him. Then he would gain the superpowers of the bee, including the ability to dance in order to communicate, and the ability to jam his ass into someone else, then tear his ass completely off of his body and leave it in his victim as he sacrifices his life to save the queen.



a very short lived comic book series… unless they keep bringing him back like freakin’ superman.