Buy the "Takes on Nails" Nail

Thanks to fark for the link

Now you can take on nails on your very own home. If you don’t live by Detroit, you’d best just click the back button now. If you do live around Detroit: flame away as to how this is a stupid topic for a new thread.

The article told me to go to eBay and type “nail tire.”

It only came up with <a href=“” target=_blank>this</a>.

I had the same problem. I will assume that someone used the Buy It Now option.


:frowning: I always miss all the good buys from ebay.

That article is very poorly written.

<i>" The City of Allen Park is sold the nail to raise money for charity… The nail was auctioned online the site eBay… The real estate company chose the option to purchase the nail outright $3,000."</i>

Thanks, Detroit.