Buy Now, Save Later!


The reason is simple: the game contains horrible J-pop and a flimsy plot, but it also has the overrated job system. Therefore, the nerds would play it even if it was just Rush Limbaugh’s ass that fights other politician’s asses as long as it uses the monk job with the thief job for ++++ stat boosts.





I do love me a good old-fashioned red x.


I never thought I’d have to say this, but…don’t post pictures of men ripping apart their anuses, k?



hooray for users who are banned after their first post


I got a new lock on my door today, hooray now people cant steal my computer (No lock on it previously




who’s boobies are those?




omg kbv want to chats w/me? i think u r very smrt person and wants to <strike>cybors</strike> chat you!!!1!1!one


no really, reveal the identity of the boobies!



I forget where I got them, someones avatar from a forum lost long ago in my automatic history cleansing…

It could even have been KBV’s boobies


Hey, let’s not get people’s hopes up…


Forgive me If I’m wrong but is kbv female? clarification would help as it is a vast chamber of nonsense in here.




that helps alot…

Pencil: hey wash you hands
me: eats pencil


Yeah, KBV’s a girl.

We made out last week.

It was :cool: