Buy Now, Save Later!


Yep, those frivolous forum posts have devalued our currency. Everyone treated them as if they were free and wasted them, when in reality they cost more than the $800 hammers the military uses. Forum posts are all subsidized by the government and paid for by loans from China.

This post just wasted $18,000 of taxpayer money.


Nah, it was a physical dedicated server running Debain Etch and a very basic apache2, mysql5 server, it was fantastic until about 3 weeks ago… well its all moved to my house now on a new dedicated machine, no doubt it will be slow for you guys because its comming from Australia now, but its super fast in australia :smiley:



I think you figured it out, I wonder how much this will cost. I hear Vowels cost are more then Consonants.

Have you seen my Internets? Its hard to say what will happen with the series of tubes now that Ted Stevens is out of office.


Kirel for president.


Did they win?


nobody EVER wins

also yay 379 pages (3785 posts) of BNSL :smiley:

and this time it will WORK!


thank you for loving bnsl


what’s a bnsl


with geocities gone to it’s eternal resting hard drive in the sky, does anyone have a copy of the original bnsl anymore?




After whole minutes of searching, I’m pretty sure I don’t have the old bnsl on this computer. I assume whatever backup I had died with my old computer.


huh my signature just reminded me, where is my no lyatz



ah well

also taylon is gone forevers?


I do have a backup of all RH content including Taylon, for example


huzzah, all is not lost :thumbs up


Roms Hand is informing me that I should purchase an elliptical trainer… :candle:


Thanks to my elliptical trainer I can now walk again. Its a miracle!


What is a post…


Oh god I forget.


Brick 2.9