Buy My Ass!

You like to touch little girls.

You’re a sick motherfucker.

You’re also 37. You should probably be spending time with your kids (and I don’t mean making them dance naked with you again), or with your wife, instead of posting on an internet forum with an account that used to belong to a girl…who you fondled, then murdered…because you’re a sick motherfucker.

I should call the State and get your kids taken away. You’re a threat to their safety and wellbeing. All the molesting being the first major problem, the second being: you’re a moron and are unable to provide for them.

And you anally Raped King Kong…or was that your mom? Oh and tel her I left a 10$ for last nite would have gave her 15 $ but she kept using her teeth. tell her to buy some denture adhesive next time. :goofy:

I’m serious. I’ll calling the state. Leon’s kids are not safe. He’s far too aggressive and threatening to be a good father. I’ll use posts/threatening emails/private messages I’ve gotten over the years.

This’ll at least spark an investigation to check for any real misconduct with his children. I should know, my aunt deals with this stuff on a daily basis. They take all information quite seriously…and they should.

(801) 538-4100

Good, I found a phone number.

Division of Child and Family Services

HAHAHAHA! Call them I’d bet he’d be suprised at who called them on him. Can I tell him who it was?

You’re acting like this is some sort of joke. These deep seeded feelings of animosity and anger are dangerous, and can explode if he gets frustrated with his children.

It’s not good.

We are many you can not stop us all


You’ll never guess who this is, just try i dare ya, not gonna happen

Rotflmaof, that would be true Danielsan, had that been Teh Loen. But it wasn’t and so you look like you have egg upon yourself. If you got pedophile issues with you and your parents best to seek prof. help and not lay this on leon. How sad for you and your party.

Does it matter? Not one of you are right in the head.

And I’m with Trotsky on this one: people this mentally deranged and psychotic are a danger to children.

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[COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=7]BWHAHAHHAHA!!![/SIZE][/COLOR] :goofy:

What’s going on here?


Forum invasion.

Drama invasion.

Home invasion.

Personal invasion