Bush = Nazi?


That is the creepiest photo ever.

What’s wrong with what he’s doing? I do that very thing every morning when I wake uGAH STOP TALKING ROMSUS

He looks too gay in that picture to be a Nazi.

Hey Aaron, I was just reading at The Militant that French capitlaism killed 12,000 people during the heat wave… ??? What the hell does French capitalism even look like? Japanese inefficiency? German sobriety? American frugality?

A hardworking Mexican.

Hahahahaha… that was better than I could have expected.

Respect for Bush: +500

er, ignore me

I can’t be a Nazi, I’m a Jew and a moneylender!

I’ve heard of yer people when sailin’ through the red sea to deal with th’ spice traders of th’ lower orient. Those bloodthirsty turks! Yarr! Three fine stout men I lost in a grog house fight to those lowly lubbers.

But accordin’ to them, dealin with a Jew is like dealin’ with satan himself.

Yarr, what they say be true. We cuts a hard bargain, when’t comes ta finance 'pon the high seas.

Arr, be ye meanin’ sellin’ yerself?

Ye’ll pay a hefty price fer that remark, me lad. It be combat on the high fees!

All me mates be carryin’ uzis.

You think he’s kidding, don’t you.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that “cyber-piracy” in fact necessitated boats, smgs, trolls and dwarves, all mit jolly rodger, as opposed to a sweaty guy in front of his computer.