Stomach bug is bad.

At least I can drink water now.

My dad refuses to come downstairs because he does not get his sick days renewed for a while. I will have to disinfect the basement once I am cured completely (never).

Eat some Arbys and you’ll be fine.

Pack it with sawdust.

So you did not die, then! (yet)

Now I am an informed voter and I can– oh shit too late! ;(

Huge Cocks 8======================D

It’s all about the girth, and that cock has no girth.

why don’t you post a thread about it

His basement?

obviously this is because you are about to die and sent to a room by some asshole in a black orb who makes you go out and kill aliens along with other people so you can come back to life by gaining points but if you go out of boundaries your head gets rocked really hard

I’m presuming he ment his stomach<strike>, just like I presume that he’s gay</strike>.

GANTZ is behind everything, dammit!