Birthday Wishes

It is Aaron’s 21st birthday and I see no thread about this. Let me be the first, then, to give my regards.

And let me be the first to put my penis in his ear.

Is this so that he will dance all night?

Also, how 'bout them Redhawks and the bite they just took out of the Thundering Herd. Rarr!!

Birthday: darn good, as I drank waaaay too much sake for my own good.

You guys is quality fellas.

<3 Ryan <3

Oh, umm, happy birthday.

I partied like a Japanese businessman.

In that I drank sake until the wee hours, returned home, and ignored my wife and children.

Don’t forget your uncomprehendable efficiency.

And the frantic, shameful masturbation to tentacle rape porn.


Horrah, he’s old.

You have a wife and children?

He’s married to Gil, didn’t you know that?

It’s a relationship of anger.

Yeah, but I’m the “man” in the relationship.

the wo"man"


I hope someone gets this quote.

She did steal my heart. Also, she stole my cat.