Best Wrestling Promo Ever

“You got a match, match my ass! Let me tell you something, boy! Your ass is grass and I’m a lawnmower! You’ve been running your mouth for far too long and rock and roll never forgets and I’m the king of rock & roll wrestling! Damn, I’m so mad I could kick my own ass! You say one more word about my Pretty Penelope, I’m gonna make you wish you’d died as a child! I’m gonna put your lights out! I’m gonna sink you like a three foot putt! You understand? Have mercy, daddy, great balls of fire! I’m gonna kill you!”

And this is why professional wresting is the greatest and most horrible thing in the world at the same time. Also, hahahaha!

Is that from the white rapper wrestler?

I used to think he was annoying but I’ve started to realise he’s actually pretty hilliarious.

When I saw the WWF when they came to London a while back and he did a rap about how England sucks, everybody cheered him and he looked confused.

Also, Shane O’Haire fell over in the ring (while trying a nip-up) and everybody laughed at him for like 2 minutes, he actually started laughing himself.

The funny was when one of Team Angel guys fell on their ass, promting the other to kiss his hand and rub the guys ass when he got back up. Chavo and Eddie tried to start a “U R GAY!” chant but insted everybody went “Awwww” and felt a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

At the end of the whole thing Rikishi, Benoit, Eddie, Chavo, Ray Ray and others came out and danced for the crowd.

On a down note it cost around £15 for 4 bottles of beer, that’s expensive even for London venue prices.

Man, that sounds like a cool show. I love house shows, they’re more honest than the televised events. Sometimes, when they have a televised event in Canada, and people boo Shawn Michaels, the announcers spin it like the crowd are the heels. Very nice, yes, precious.

You guys will never, E-E-E-EVER guess where that promo is from.


I think it was Quebec.

A wrestling show.

It is a quote Dick Cheney.

Denny’s and/or Arby’s.

I just noticed that this is a can English good.


Thats pretty cruel, dude.

Okay, fine, you lousy guessers, it’s from here.

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