Best week ever

Rundown (not the movie):

Grade: 86%
Chris Jericho: Updating website again.
Weekly free Anime showing: Started up again.
Terra: Tricked into saying she jumped my bones.
Diablo: Eaten.
HHH: No longer World Heavyweight Champion, after a 13-Fucking-month long reign.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Releasing new games and episodes.
Mario Golf: Purchased.
JR and Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler: FIRE-ARED!
CvsSNK2 high score: Beaten, using Dan.
Mets: Lost 4 out of 3 games to the Expos*
Porn: Plentiful.

So, as you can see, I’m having the greatest week ever, and by my watch, you only have 45 minutes left to ruin it! Gentlemen, start your engines!

*[SIZE=1]what’s an expo[/SIZE]

We secretly talk about how bad you smell when you’re not around.

and wrestling is fake

No it’s n

wait how can i smell over the inter

Also, I got to talk like a pirate.

You forgot the Toledo victory. And the Dolphin victory.

What are you babbling about, froozball fan?

You could only trick her into <i>saying</i> she jumped your bones? That’s pretty pathetic… Could have at least tricked her into actually ju

wait, did I miss the 45 minute mindow?

I beat it with Higashi… someone told me he’s considered the Dan of SNK. 'cept Dan’s cheap with his rolling and such.

Nah, Higashi only acts like Dan. His moves are pretty decent, and he was one of the three starting characters for the original Fatal Fury. I mean, come on, the guy can throw double Hurricane Uppers. He’s kind of awkward to use, though, but he still has better range and priority than Dan.

I like Dan.