Best website ever, or not

Never have I seen all the ideals I hold so dear represented by comics in one place.

It would be funnier if it was, y’know, funny.

i have never seen so much truth

Now, THAT’s funny! The mexican section was just dumb, though.

Particularly as it’s doing some nasty stereotyping. Though there are Mexicans who like to leech, those who come here honestly and don’t try to leech off of a welfare state and actually work for a living are actually some of the most productive people in society here. They live in fairly close knit family groups that tend to discourage too many gangs and encourage the development of children and so forth so that they can be successful. Indeed, those who actually seek to better the lives of their family have morals very similar to whites. Unlike many blacks, who honestly don’t care what their children do, Mexicans who obtain citizenship ALWAYS seem to want the best for their children, and their children always want the best for the first generation’s grandchildren. As a result, I feel that Mexicans are actually one of the better ethnic groups.

So as long as the stereotyping isn’t “nasty”, that means it’s ok?

Sorry, I just didnt find any of that funny.

It’s pretty disgusting that some human being actually drew these trying to be funny.

I hate the South.

Two things:

This is disturbing. It isn’t less racist just because you said “Mexicans” instead of “caucasians.” In fact, it might be more.

Enough already. You complain about people perpetuating racial stereotypes, yet you are just as willing as they are to go after anyone from south of the Mason-Dixon. “I hate the South” is not much better than “I hate niggers” - and I would be happier if you would refrain from saying either. If you have legitimate complaints, make them. If not, at least try to avoid being a bigot.

First, god damn you, Hitler. Second, that’s true of many immigrants. It’s true of many Americans. Believe it or not, a lot of people care about their children!

But what if my blood is Southern? Isn’t that like a self-loathing Jewish man? Don’t I have some legal pretext then to make statements like that?

My statement still stands. I hate the bible-thumping, cousin-screwing, lynch-mob forming, gun totin’, Republican votin’, NASCAR watching, Crimson Tide rootin’, confederate asshole South.

Oh, and the SEC sucks cock in hell. Big-10 forever.

As an ethinic minority I can safely say everything in that webpage is true.

No. Apparently Chris Rock can legitimately use the word “nigger” because he’s black, but I don’t approve of it. It’s still racist and it’s still unacceptable.

My statement still stands. I hate the bible-thumping, cousin-screwing, lynch-mob forming, gun totin’, Republican votin’, NASCAR watching, Crimson Tide rootin’, confederate asshole South.

So you hate individuals who thump their Bibles, have sex with their cousins, form lynch mobs, tote guns (I suspect this means “own guns,” which is a bizarre reason to hate someone), vote Republican, watch NASCAR, root for Alabama, are citizens of a nation that does not exist, and are assholes? Out of curiosity, in order for someone to earn your hatred, do they have to do ALL of these things? If so, exactly how delusional does one have to be to believe that people who live in the South are like this?

Also, just because I think you’re ridiculous, I’d like to point out that it’s downright hilarious that you oppose the so-called Religious Right for being so damn intolerant… because you’re just a fountain of liberal good will toward man.

Oh, and the SEC sucks cock in hell. Big-10 forever.

We are agreed.

I’m amused you found it racist, because I clearly state that I have no hard feelings for them, except for the few who do try to suck off our welfare.

It mainly comes down to an “Are they contributing to society?” thing. Most ethnic groups and immigrants do. Blacks however are less likely to be as helpful (due in part to their living conditions, and in part due to the simple fact that MANY of them seem to rather like depending on the government (You owe us reparations! You owe use welfare! Health care!) As opposed to working to better the lives of their children, which not everyone does, but it would seem that other ethnic groups tend to do more of.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t hate all blacks just because they TEND to be more dependant on the government. I merely dislike the ones who ARE dependent, and who don’t work to better their childrens’ lot in life. There are many smart blacks who have done much to further our society, and those are the ones who I bear no grudges for. It’s merely the people who don’t do what they can to help themelves.

Okay, I tried to write a serious reply, but Pipian has misused the concepts of probability in such a terrible fashion that all I accomplished was to give myself a terrible headache, and then I gave up.

Pipian: in a purely technical sense, nothing that you said makes any sense. Attempting to decode it led me to the conclusion that you dislike lazy people, which is fine, I guess, and that you have decided that there are a lot of lazy blacks and no lazy Mexicans (evidenced by your use of the word “always,” although you have it in all caps . . . I assume in order to indicate doubleplusalways, or some such), which is . . . less fine. Of couse, the absolute worst thing that you did was decide that Mexicans are a better ethnic group than blacks. I hope that you only allowed yourself to arrive at this conclusion because of your aforementioned ignorance of probability theory. In any case, making group distinctions of this fasion and then attempting to say that your real beef is with individuals sounds idiotic. I’m . . . astounded.

Someone else finish this. Just thinking of the type of grade-school arguments that will tear the statement “Mexicans are one of the best ethnic groups,” and the subsequent “argument,” to shreads is making me ill.

According to Merriam Webster, racism is “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” If this is not what you attempted to indicate in your post, I am at a loss for what you could possibly have meant.

I, like the doctor, have tried several drafts of this post and I am simply not happy with any response I’ve so far come up with. I am certain that this is because there simply is no intelligent response to be made to a claim like “Mexicans are a better ethnic group than blacks.” This is the sort of nonsense that the Democratic Party and Hitler have peddled to the world and it is always based on either poor reasoning or total insanity. As such, there isn’t much of a response to be given, except the old standby: Guh.

Woah, I actually agree with LPFab and the doctor on something. The world is standing on it’s head… whatever that means…

I suppose that ALWAYS was taking it a bit far, but as a general rule from what I have observed, it seems that Mexicans are as a rule, less lazy than blacks. This is not to say that there are not exceptions on both sides of the psectrum however. Ultimately, as I said before, it comes down to whether or not the individual is lazy, and not the general stereotype.

Nah, race isn’t the primary one, but it certainly seems that it has an effect. More precisely, it seems to be more the conditions in which someone is raised. If it’s a Black ghetto, well they rpobably aren’t going to turn out as well as if they were born in a normal upper-middle-class blue-collar white neighborhood.

I suppose, to sum it up, the underlying theme is that, in my belief: Race appears to play a factor due to the fragmentation and speparation of neighborhoods and races inside cities. As a result, because the races tend to separate and congregate in certain areas, certain traits seem to develop that are common within many of those who are raised in them. Whether or not these traits are directly the result of the race, or rather the environment remains to be seen, but as the traits seem to follow the race, the race would seem to be at fault. Ultimately however, the race should not be the judging factor, but rather the individual. This is why affirmative action and quotas are wrong (at least in an ideal world where racial bias didn’t exist).

I also appear to be joking.

The French are a better ethnic group than squids.