BANISHED (words)

i agree with them all

lol wtf omg

omg ur band

Thank God! I can talk about Lambeau again without having to remember how it’s spelled.

“Aw snap” remains!

Another year for the greatest two words in the English language.

Sadly, the FOX network will continue to use every one of these words in 2004. Frequently.

Someone should turn this list into a legal document.


Wait, no.

They’ve banned “In Harm’s Way?”

What sort of sense does that make? The phrase isn’t overused, and their reasoning is sparse. Harm is coming and you’re in it’s way. Isn’t that a fine example of personification?

Those guys are crazy, according to this they have banned saying “Star Wars”, as well as the word “Yes”

Their url is a banished word now.

If you look at the context, Star Wars is banned in the missile defense connotation.

I don’t see where yes is banned in the 1985 sheet.

Yes is banned when answering the phone.

“Alternative Lifestyle - Every way of life is an alternative. This phrase is just a safe description of something we’d rather ignore.”

Ouch. Also:

“Handicap Parking – Is this where you park your disability?”

I guess we’ll just call it blue parking then.

I call it “Lazy Parking.”

“An historic –*’…As in “an historic moment.” Commonly used by news people (print and broadcast). It’s wrong! If this abuse is allowed to continue, the next sound you hear from me will be an hiss!’ – Jim Wiljanen, Dewitt, Michigan”

Mr. Wiljanen is the greatest man ever. He also has a truly boss name.

I love lists like this, compiled by the most pretentious, asinine people in the entire world - see also France. Apparently I’m not allowed to use the words/phrases “millenium,” “at risk,” and “segue.” What nonsense. Especially hilarious is the self-righteous rant directed at “viable alternative.”

Hey now. Don’t be hating. L’Academie at least has proper jurisdiction, even if they attack the language like some kind of linguistic anaconda.

Side note: you can’t disagree with EVERYTHING they say (though I agree that some of it is stupid). For example, I highly agree with banning bling-bling and “lol omg wtf” except in humorous contexts.

Unfortunately some people don’t see the humorous contexts.