Bandi Sics Legal Action Against Fan Subbers For Gits Tv

Bandai found out who the groups were that were subbing it and threatened them with legal action if they continued… apparently they licesned north american distro before the first DVD was even out in Japan
this came off one of the Fansubbers websites… so all the torrents have been pulled from the 2 groups that were doing it so The Public is now @55 out because Bandi hasn’t even give a notice out on whether or not they’re even gonna release a set…

1: Who is Bandi?

2: What is sics?

Ever had a Dog? Sic em Boy Go Sic em bite em in the nards ! and Bandi is the toy company that have brought over alot of the Anime toys we have today. Not to mention al the models and series that they’ve created and released …

You mean bandai?
Of all the anime being fansubbed, they are going after Gits? I, personally, have never even heard of Gits — but bandai sure has a lot to do to stop them. When you crush one, more will rise…I call this the Napster Effect.

Do you have a link to the article? Or the groupname for the fansubbers?

Bandai yes sorry Stupid “A” Key. Yea, GiTs Ghost in The shell. and Yes I’ll provide a link asap. Please standby…

Because fansubbers are generally pretty consciencious about not subbing when it’s illegal to do so. Apparently they weren’t aware that with GiTS a company had already acquired rights for an American distribution, so they (I guess accidentally) made it illegally, and Bandai is going after them for it.

They can try all they want, but no one can stop fansubbers. Just look at Gundam Seed

If you shoot everyone, you stop fansubbers. YOUR LIES DO NOT IMPRESS ME GOOD SIR.

You’re right, Bandai is going to shoot everyone in order to stop fansubbing. Genius.