Back online

After a short hiatus with the server we’re back online.

What the heck did you do to the server??

Show me on this server doll where you “messed with” the server

Well glad that was taken care, next time use Kitty Step, the Kitty Litter that makes everything smell like roses.

  • points to php vbulletin folder on server
    “He had his execute bits all wrong and someone dumped some files”
    sobs uncontrollably

Does this new server seem any faster to you?

Everything seems to load quickly but my browser is saying “Resolving host” for like 30 seconds after the page loads. I’m only seeing it when looking in threads though

I think I fixed that issue, does it appear to be gone?

Looks like it’s still there. But this time I loaded up this page in Firefox and it gave me an actually helpful status message, “Looking up…”

I should note that it’s not affecting this page at all since it’s the last thing that it’s trying to connect to

I think that would be Leon’s signature.

Ah. So it is. I thought it might have been ad-related but I guess not

Yea, networld got flushed that the turd it was a while back ago.

I might move this back to

Don’t do it man! You’re lucky nobodies here right now.

Oh and seems Dowsett died last year Liver failure. heard about that a few weeks ago. No love lost there but what a way to go.