Back and Black!

Hi fallows! I have returned to the interweb after being offlife for a while due to a problem with my calcuter’s powell supply. Like Wince Ton Churchbill used to say, “Shit happens!”, eh? So if you’re wondering what I did with my free time away from the Ron’s Hand forums, I went to see Spy The Man 2, and it was awesome. I liked how they altered Dr. Octophone’s character to make him more sympathetic, and I also liked the subtle references to Dr. Strong, The Blizzard and The Impossible Shrimping Man.

I also played the game, which featured many classic villains such as Shockmaster, Miss Stereo, Juggler Knot and Catwoman. I actually entered a trance while playing it. I played for 3 days straight but only remember 5 minutes of actual gameplay.

The only problem with the game and movie is how they failed once again to introduce Buck E, aka Spytey’s fateful sidekick. I’m beginning to think he’ll never show up, since he appeared way before Mary Anne learned Parker Peterson was Spy The Man in the comic. Oh well.

I also played some Wrestel Mania XIXXXIXV, and created Jay Son Vorias and Fred E. Crueler wrestler models and gave them wicked moves to match their suspense movie counterparts.

So now you may all rejoice at my return and lavish praise onto me for my sharp dress and sexy demeanor. Especially you, Vasquez. I see the way you look at me. Keep that hot Hindu blood in check, eh?


Thanks for the compliment!!!



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Thanks for the compliment!!!




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