Attention: the Race hisses at you from shelves

It’s out. I read a bit. It was pretty good, only getting worse when Tosevites were involved.

I saw it at B&N the other day, picked it up, made an interested noise, then looked at the price, and proceeded to throw it at a stack of Bill O"Reilly books.

I’ll wait until Gil or Roms buys it, then I’ll steal it from them.

there’s always libraries that you could steal it from. just use Rom’s library card which I assume he has since he writes such witty and intelligent Taylon comics.

You know, I’m sick of that kid’s excuses. He’s really fallen off the ball on this whole Taylon thing.

fo’ serious dawg. ball = dropped and also fallen off of, possible because of the dropping

That is why I read a number of pages in the store and then put it back.