ATTENTION: People I whine to on messengers

That is, Dragon, Vaska, Dopefish and Brother Afro. I have had to leave my dad’s place in a hurry when tons of drama arose in a minute. I did not have time to pack things like my computer and my gamecube. I was very sick also, so I did not hang out at libraries or anything like that with free inter-web access. I am in the process of writing a letter to my dad and his girlfriend to explain how I feel and somesuch. Right now, I am in an internet cafe in Montreal, killing time since I was apparently 1 hour too early showing up at the comic book store which sells comic books that I need to live. Now, I logged on to my MSN messenger, and it said I had a new e-mail. Naturally, I thought “LOLOLOLOLOL PROBABLY MSN TELLING ME ABOUT THEIR AMAZING NEW SERVICE AGAIN” and I went to the inbox.

It is an e-mail from sniperwolf.

I am currently working up the courage to open it. If you read this post within 45 minutes of the posting time, plz log on to MSN messenger. If not, leave yellings and updates on what I missed being offline for a week in this here thread or my livejournal. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH STRESS AAAAAAAAAAAAH

Most. Painful. E-mail. Ever.

Jesus, bad week for you. I assumed something had happened like your computer had exploded, not you had been driven from your God damn house. Wow. Good luck with these kinds of things. I would have just yapped at you about the Rather thing and stuff, so mostly you’re not missing much on my end besides my being silent when you tell me weighty things, which you can probably adequately simulate on your own anyway.

I thought you had died of the plague!

Sorry to hear all of these bad things happening to you at once, I don’t really know what to say to make you feel any better but I hope you have a place to stay…

Also what did sniperwolf say?

I leave for five days and this shit happens?

The whole system is falling apart!

For those who are concerned I asked and it seems he is living with his grandmas right now and not homeless or anything!