Atomic Shiva? I miss Dudeman

So yeah, Dudeman is missed fondly, and I figured I’d start a thread about something close to my heart.

What is this, you may ask? Hating the Insane Clown Posse. Okay, sure, everyone hates them and their fans for obvious reasons, but these cancerous beasts are actually an even bigger plague than you might think, especially to me.

See, they happen to like wrestling. Right there that makes me and the wrestling world in general fags by association, which is not appreciated. But they even went so far as having a stint with WWF/E, where they would play a couple of shitty wrestlers’ entrances. While with WWFE, they managed to raise more shit in the locker room than Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart’s feud, pissing off every wrestler in the company and even indirectly cost John Tenta, aka Earthquake, his job.

Needless to say, when the wrestlers’ gimmicks were trashed, the Posse was booted out of the building. But their annoying antics did not stop there, as I had hoped, no. They are now part of a small promotion, a terrible one whose name I won’t put here to stop any publicity it might get. See, this promotion doesn’t wrestler as much as they throw themselves into broken glass and shit like that, cutting themselves endlessly, doing dangerous and idiotic stunts which they are not qualified to accomplish properly, all inside a ring. And of course the actual wrestling is godawful, and shameful.

But because of the posse’s involvement, this promotion is now catching the media’s eye, and wrestling lawsuits are starting to flare up against Vinny Mac of WWE. And of course parents will not let their kids watch wrestling after they see so much as half of the commercial for the NBC Special Report on violence in wrestling.

I fuckign hate those clowns.

I don’t know much about the insane clown posse, but Earthquake was cool. :frowning:

What exacly did they do?

Thank God all my passtimes are far too gay for the ICP to ever involve themselves with, for fear they would become omg-faygotts.

Except their fans sully my beloved Faygo. Damn them. You have my sympathy, Obi <strike>chan</strike> Wan.

Hey, why don’t you talk about something people actually care about, wrestle-fags? Something like jobs or television or music or censorship or lawsuits or earthquakes or Faygo or something?

oh shi

I like pie

They came from Detroit. Like most everything evil and bad and stupid.

Hey, my grandmother came from (or possibly directly to, I’m never quite sure) Detroit, and she most certainly was not bad or stupid.

ICP looks for popularity through easy means. This, including controvertial quarrels with Eminem, makes them seem cool to all the dumb little kids who listen to them.

Next ICP stunt: rape Avril Lavigne.

Or maybe it’s just my fantasy to hear Py’s anguished sobs when he hears about it.

This will also bring me great joy.

" Hey ICP doesn’t even know Avril! She’s just a misunderstood soul in a big conformist world and the only one who can truely love her is me ohmygod"

“oh avril/excel why cant teh girls who dont like me be more like u and like me and not leik fast cars or guys who dotn smel like movie popcorn”

I personally go for the guys who smeel like teh grese

Oh, I know! I could just eat them up.

Grese is the word, is the word, that you heard, it’s got a groove it’s got a meaning, Avril’s the one that I’ll be raping! Grese is the word, is the word is the word is the word is the word is tghe wokaslda;c.x,z///zxf,narfoawpof

What exactly did they do?

If you mean to get John Tenta fired, they kept teasing him about his weight, and when he mouthed back, they got into a scuffle. Since Tenta was already on thin ice with the company, he was fired.

Damn those clowns, I hope he at least left them with a broken nose or something.

Also, all these hippo avatars are the most awesomest things ever.

This is a converse error.

Also, how is it possible that ICP can actually making professional wrestling worse than it already is?

Well, the same way Avril Lavigne makes faux-punk music worse than it already is.

Good point.

Ouch. That much truth makes my eyes hurt.

Yeah, but the slow poison of Detroit makes for devil-spawn like you two or so generations down the line.

And don’t go off on me–two of my grandparents lived in Detroit for some time, and the other two lived in a much, much worse place… ROSEVILLE!

I don’t know why I’m not stealing shit right now…