Arrr! Sept. 19, ye scurvy dogs!

Sept. 19 is National Talk Like a Pirate Day (and I tend to hold this holiday in more regard than Christmas, Yom Kippur, and Columbus Day combined), and anybody not posting like a pirate all of Sept. 19 will have their post editted to reflect their true pirate intentions. I’m sure there are no qualms about this rule…especially in this crowd.


I offer pie to buy ye more pie. This be fine idea to be sure.

At first I wondered why this thread was stickied but now I know why.

Many souls will be feasted upon, or something.

You’re communist, you’re not Jewish and again from the communist thing you’re secretly European.

But that does not mean Pirate Day should be ignored. No. I still have fond memories of last year’s. ‘Twas a fine time fer lootin’.

AAAARRRRHHHHHH!!! Shiver me timbers, wash my cockels!

YAAARRRR Notes date on back of treasure map

Columbus Day is a celebration of the white man’s genocide against the Native American people.

As such, it is clearly better than any other holiday.

Except National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

What’s with all the opression of the black man? Where’s National Talk Like a Nigro Day?

Avast Ye!

I’ve heard many a tale of th’ man dark as night while sailin’ round the Cape of Good Hope, but never in me wildest nightmares did I ever imagine that such a devil creature could inhabit this fair land!!

Arr…I won’t be sleepin’ hearty tonight, me lads.

My work is going to observe international talk like a pirate day. I squeal with glee. All of our customers are going to be very confused…

Whar do ya work, matey?

I might have to get me lads to frequent your fine establishment.

On the day o’ the 19th, I’ll be ‘pon the seas, by which I mean I’ll be in a tiny coastal town in Maine. I’m happy I’ll be makin’ the trip the day afore; I’m not sure the scurvy dogs of the air be wantin’ to hear pirate speech when it be time for takeoff. Avast, it be Cap’n Laden!

I work as… I mean, I be workin’ as a Computer Tech on the the pirate ship PC Club in La Mesa. The crew be stout and the cap’n be drinkin rum and playin’ Bust-a-Move 4 all the time, but she be a fine ship indeed. Ye better come visit if ye be in southern California, lest ye walk the plank.

Arr!! I once… “acquired” me some fine goods from ye’ ship, matey!

so, the motherlode in Houghton is celebrating National Pirates Day by giving out eyepatches and talking in Pirate speak… avast

Yarr! I chose to live in the wrong part of this accursed state!


clearly you were the foolish one, you could be gettin laid and talking like a pirate if you were here.