I suppose that’s as likely to be “happy birthday” to a troll as anything. Happy birthday, excellent sir McDetritus. I will put your boombox in the mail as soon as I get to my home.

And I will put my feces in the mail as soon as I get to my home.

Phil, I wish you wouldn’t. I have to use that mailbox too.

Boombox is a slang for bomb nowadays I heard the kids using it.

I invoke level 5 Patriot Act on KBV. You better have a hell of a saving throw, fag0rt!!!LOLOLOL

Curses! Your American vigilance has been my undoing, devil! Now I shall never bring justice to the GREAT SATAN!

I don’t know why, but:

Hey, cool.

Where is my Detritus?

Present and accounted for. My birthday was indeed happy, and by happy I mean that I like my presents in spite of being sick as a dog, and having to write an AWW paper and study for a calc test on my birthday.

Calc grade: 73%!

Additionally, I have finally realized my childhood dream of owning a toy Unicron. It towers over everything on my desk, including my monitor.

Imagine if Galactus and the Death Star had a child, and that child was a transformer.

Unicron Nazarenus, Rex Transfomorum.

On another note, I have thought of the greatest T-shirt ever.

On the front, there is a big autobot logo. The spaces between the lines, instead of being mono-red, are done up as the american flag, with stars-on-blue in one corner and red and white stripes on the other.

Below that the shirt says ‘AUTOCRAT.’

It is so fitting on so many levels.

Next time we talk in person, Vaska, remind me and I will tell you Mr. Storm’s joke. You may have heard this before. Hint: it involves moose.

I’d buy one. It would be several levels more fitting than the shirt alone.

[edit]Heh… moose.[/edit]

Happy (late) birthday

Dear God, it’s Rowzdower. What ho, good sir?

It’s been a long time, but I finally wandered back to these message boards.

So it would seem. How did you like In the Balance?