Apple Expo: 9/16/2003

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My mother is the proud owner of a Powerbook. My god, is that thing a chunk of pure titanium-covered sex.


where is my g5 laptop

Now all powerbooks are covered in aluminum, making them ideal for protecting yourself from mind-control radiation.
Also, the 15-incher has the light-up keyboard, making it ideal for pumping your hands full of mind-control radiation.

Ditto for the wireless keyboard and mouse. GAAAAH COME TO ME, BLUETOOTH.

i’m sorry, but macs are ghey. even windows is better than those little annoying pieces of shit. no offence to anyone, just my preference.

Then why come in here and say that? It was uncalled for and unnecessary.

I’ll say!

indeed, let’s hope it does not happen again…

I could make a counter-point, going on and on about how OSX is the greatest anything ever, and how anyone who has used it extensively will agree, but I don’t feel like it.

So, as I may’r may not ‘ave mentioned down in ye Yar thread, I be just gettin’ back from usin’a fine, fine computer made o’ aluminum with holes in it. Avast, ‘tis a beautiful machine. I weep, fer ye Apple Education Store be only allowin’ one computer purchase per ye year o’ school, and I be hankerin’ fer both a Powerbook and a G5 and could talk meself inta gettin’ either, but since I be unable ta choose, I’ll just be windin’ up with neither. They be loverly machines, me mates. Loverly.


i’m not saying macs are bad, nor is the OSX, but it’s just that I don’t like it, from the experiences i’ve had in my Computer Graphics class (we had to use the macs sigh) and from the fact you cannot play the latest games on it, run most of the software and etc. it’s sort of like using any other unpopular OS - it might be good, but it doesn’t have the wide support Windows does at this time.

so yes, i can indeed see how many people might enjoy and like macs, and i would also had i been in their position. but i am not, so all i can say is that i don’t like 'em.

sorry about the rash comment, i was on the edge then or something. :rolleyes:

This happens every time there is a thread about Macs, somone chimes in saying how much they dislike Macs, even though it has nothing to do with the thread. We know, Macs = the devil. Give it a rest already…