Anime Site is UP!

On the roadmap to change this site over to Secondangle Studios, I’ve finished the anime site: [SIZE=2] [/SIZE]which is tied into the vbulletin database, so you can login with your username and password to access content on that site. More stuff will be added daily. I SWEAR!


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Anyone want to help me administer this site? Add anime, pictures, filter content, ask for improvements, etc?

thanks for the info!
i really love animes. ahaha.
i will surely join there. :smiley:

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Yeah, looks like I’m going to be redoing the page. With something different to learn something new. Q4 2011!

Sounds good! I’ll be here to nerd it up.

I was close with the estimate of Q4 2011. I’m re-working the site in Java, Wicket, and using Mongo as a backend. Lots to learn and hopefully I can bring it up soon.

Well I do see it that but it is still a tad sparse.

Aye, you know I can admin, hell I had my site for how many years?

This one is pretty much toast. It was tied to the vBulletin user database I think and hasn’t seen an update in years. I think its time for me to start working on some side projects so I may resurrect it.

We should pow wow and think tank on what to do as far as a revamp then eh ?

Can’t msg you at work since they have now decided to implement blocking Social media and such. SO I can only post here and 1 or 2 other places to relieve the bored. What about the new project when do you want to start ?