Anime Related Software and stuff

Just a Re edit The old link is dead .

Do you mean the navi like program I have on my site at Lain: Deeply
Wired? You can get it here

[edit] [/edit]
They actual made it, go down a little on the page and you’ll find the
english version. though it’s not an actual os, more of a Shell/Interface

Tripod cut my space so i’ve got my self a real host but havn’t moved the
files over to the new site. As soon as my main PC is back from the shop
I plan move the site over. When it’s up I’ll have all the downloads
avalable including the music. The new site will be at Best place to find out if it’s active is
my live journal

I got another site at that will also be up
soon. It’s be a site about serenity and more softer gentler animes like
Quiet Country Cafe.