Anime and Counter Strike.. and HL 2

Does any one think that with the new HL 2 Engine the pleayer models will be more realistic? Reason being I wish to redo the jin roh counter strike model but I can’t seem to find it. plus I want to try to do a few other Police/Military/Exo Suit. Models. Can Someone help me out on this? It would be apperciated… and Yes I already googled it and failed … :frowning:

No, they won’t be any more realistic at all. An engine 5 years more advanced than its predecessor will still utilize models that are under 1500 polys.

Thats a shame. Ya think they’d have at least adv’ed to a stage where you could up the polies. Anyyone know where the Jin Roh and the Burn Up. CS Skins are at these days? Tried planet HL nadda checked a few other sites. Rat or RE had the link…

Been there no Jin Roh. Like I said Ratty or Radical Ed ha s the link. I think.

You don’t think the player models for HL2 will be more advanced? HAH! I must laugh at this… At E3, they had a whole section of the booth just dedicated to those damn models… and they’re quite impressive.

Dammit Veritech, I had him going!! :frowning:

That was fucked up. Oh wait this is Smee we’re talking about huh? Nevermind …

LOL, leon your gana have to get an actule modeler to make you a model for HL2 engine. No one wants to see edited HL models… Your gana have to up the polys (which can actuly be a bitch and a big optimization pain) and also increase the texture size to about 200% its current size… So just get your self a good artists and modeler.

Already done and done.