Ah-nold: A couple things

Hey, look at that ‘in’ there. Why, it changes the whole meaning of the sentence! If it had just been “California = not my country” it would have been a foolish error on my part implying I believed the state of California to be a country. But with the addition of ‘in’, it becomes clear that I am stating that California is, in fact, not within the borders of jolly Canada.

This has been another edition of “Basic reading for fools”, with your host, Oblivion “Chembot loves man-cock” St-Oblivion.

hooray for dislexcliaksmoanfsinvsa

not being able to read. thanks for being so goddamned sensitive on the matter, jackass.

I suppose that’s a lot better than liking woman-cock.

Happy to oblige.

The english, she be like my childrens.

You know what Americans have to say about childrens whenever politics come up, because we are witty and original.

Acutally, I don’t.

But it’s laugh-tastic! How can you not know?

Ah, well, put it down to foreign-ness. I mean the question that is rarely asked, namely, “Is our children learning?”

I am currently in the process of rolling around on the floor area due to excessive hilarity.

you sure are

A fatal blow! Now my laughing will not cease until my lungs collaps upon themselves from expulsing more air than was originally contained within them.

Damn you for dooming me to a hilarious death!

Umm… significantly reducing the crime rate in New York? Holding an entire city together by sheer force of will on September 11th? I know you’re a jaded 21st-century-ite, but there is something to be said in favor of leadership that is of a different variety than “raise taxes and spend more money.”

And about Reagan…we should ask the El Salvadorians what they think of good ol’ Ron.

Which I suspect would have nothing to do with computing his value to the United States. You and the Supreme Court are apparently under the impression that other countries are the United States… which they’re not.

Although I will agree he solved the homeless problem pretty well: he blinked every homeless person right out of existence. Genius.

What is it with you people and the “homeless problem”? I don’t mean to sound callous, but do you have any idea how many people are homeless for bad reasons? By bad reasons, I mean things like alcoholism, which you people call a disease despite all evidence that it isn’t contagious or an illness. Maybe (maybe!) there are a huge number of homeless single mothers out there who just can’t afford to live anywhere else because their husbands left them with the kids. But I have seen a great many homeless people and I have yet to see one of this sort. So the “problem” is that homeless people exist? Damn! People also work at Arby’s, but I don’t see you demanding that Ronald Reagan single-handedly fix THAT.

… Gah. If I ever become homeless, I will make sure to stay away from you for fear of getting yelled at and shot.

Also, alcoholism is for pussies. Solution = don’t drink anymore. Or ever, to prevent it. Duh.

Dude, New York, not the US. Rudy didn’t do a damn thing for me in my entire life, so he can eat a cock.

Plus his name is like that fag who played for Notre Dame. UNACCEPTABLE.

if you lived in new york city he would have done something for you.

as for california, the only thing davis has done for me is make my car registration 3x as high and increased my college tuition from 11 bucks a unit to 18 bucks a unit. he also has pissed off several of my teachers by reducing their pay a tad bit and my old hs principal was kinda bummed that they didn’t have any more money to spend on students because of davis’ mis management of funds.

Excellent. So if everyone in America lived in New York City, he would have done something for all of America.

well he made it safe so if you ever visit NYC you won’t get pickpocketed right away.

Ok, so Gray isn’t the best governor. Does this mean he gets to be recalled? Did he do something that shows dereliction of duty? Did he commit a felony? Nope.

And how does that make Arnie a better governor? I’m confused. There’s a step missing in the logic.

Arnie = likable
Grey = not likable (or just that people don’t like him)

That’s really all that’s important to 99.9999% of the voters

And non-voters like me.

Also, the accent is cool.

Gah, I typed a really long post and something timed out and all was lost, so I’ll just summarize.

To Oblivion: If you were homeless, I would neither yell at you nor shoot you. The first is because yelling at you would solve no problem that I particularly care to see solved, the second because I don’t really like the idea of shooting people… unless they try to harm me, which actually WOULD get you shot.

To KBV and Trot: There was already previous mention of how “in” changes a sentence. Go back and read that. As New York is IN the United States, benefits that accrue to it accrue to the US by default. Ditto Earth and the universe. They may not be enjoyed by all citizens of the United States, but I never said that anyway.

Further to Trot: California law stipulates when and how a governor is to be recalled, and I don’t suspect that it says anything about dereliction of duty or committing felonies. Not that you care if people commit crimes, as I’m sure you were opposed to impeachment of Bill Clinton, an honest-to-goodness criminal. That said, two things:

  1. Gray Davis is most certainly guilty of dereliction of duty.

  2. No one [edit] in this thread [/edit], as far as I can see, has actually advocated recalling him. A couple have said that he is being recalled because he’s a bastard that no one likes. But, whether or not they WOULD support the recall, they haven’t said so. I, for one, am troubled by the potential ramifications of recall elections, and so oppose this one out of hand. (I still support the existence of an impeachment process for leaders who commit crimes, etc.)