Admit it

I have a significant amount of pornography on my computer. A large quanitty of that is of the girls kissing other girls variety. It sexy time.

For many years, I was infatuated with the original hostess of GameSpot TV. To the point where I actually considered sending her correspondence.

I once weighed over 300 pounds, and ate Arby’s (or some variant of fast food) at least 3 times a week.

I approached at least 8 different girls in a romantic way before losing said weight, and was shot down in a flaming mess of glory 8 separate times (even ugly, nerdy girls).

I kept an ever growing pile of toenail clippings on my bookcase beside my bed, because I really didn’t care that they were there, and it was easier than walking them to the trashcan. I cleaned it up the first time my girlfriend was coming over to spend the night.

I am unabashidly in love, and do disgusting things like kiss my girlfriend in public (and have, on occassion, called her names like “snuggle muffin” with complete sincerity).



I loooooove child pornography and hentai doujin featuring dickgirls.

Well, that’s half-true. GUESS WHICH HALF!!!

Also I have a foot fetish, but not one of those crazy ones.

I wasn’t saying it was a bad thing, faggot!

Also, stick to the title of the thread!

I paused a Taco Bell commercial once, because the girl in it was so hot. My mom, who was watching unbeknownst to me, was like: “WTF, mate?”

I’m not sure I see that much inherently wrong with furries. This is in theory, mind you.

I also kind of feel sorry for Hitler. His craziness even drove his closest subordinates away.

I post on the Taylon forums.

I shouldn’t even be on the computer right now.

One time I wasn’t paying attention and I accidently walked into a wall and broke my nose (I wasn’t even drunk although it was very dark).

WHO DOESN’T (Oh god I hope I picked the right one!) but seriously I don’t have a thing for dickgirl hentai (Or child pornography) I do however have a thing for tomboys, which I guess is not really all that relative in retrospect.

Most are okay but they’re always the incredibly insane one’s or one’s obsessed with sex who everyone would do well to avoid.

Such deviousness!

Unfortunately, most of them I meet are like this.

I use the words “fag” and “faggot” far too often in everyday speech.

I don’t hate gays.

I see fags and faggots far too often everyday on this forum.

I do hate SJX.

I talk with an annoying faux-British accent for no reason I can discern whatsoever.


I’ve never watched any of the “Rocky” or “Rambo” movies… Does this make me not a man?

That just makes you less of a bad movie-watcher. Although the first Rocky does have a good message, sort of. And Mr. T and Hulk Hogan are in the third one, so that’s a lot to miss out on.

I admit that I take screenshots of Google ads in this thread and then post them for humority purposes.

oh god free burger coupon

All right! I admit it! I am the Lindbergh baby! Waah-waah, goo-goo, I miss my fly-fly dada!!

Best google ad ever

Mmmm, McDonald Burgers.