AD POLICE - Parasite Dolls - Now Playing in Japan

The Yr. is 2034, when Tokyo is rebuilding its financial status in the world of the corporations and business. Part of this was due to the advancements in A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and Hybrids names Boomers. A Man/Machine meld, they have integrated themselves within society and in a variety of positions of authority and regular positions as well. Unfortunately it seems a few get used for criminal activities. That’s when BRANCH comes into the scene to investigate the case/scene. BRANCH is a Spec Ops of The Anti-Terrorist/Boomer Crime Police Division of the AD. Police home of Leon McNichols and Daley Wong and a variety of other casts from this universe. One Detective named Buzz acquires a Nanite (Microscopic type mechanizes) that was recovered off of the body of a murder victim of a boomer crime. At about the same week another detective Michaelson, she retrieves a Sensory Data Circuit board from a Rouge Runaway boomer that had been destroyed. What awaits these 2 Detectives who are part of one of the greatest police forces out there?

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^^; By Leon McNichols 12-03-03 is a nice link to get famiular with on the series and you can get dvd info you want as well.