A very dumb woman


Driving without a license, breastfeeding, taking notes, talking on a phone, all at the same time, and she feels her civil liberties have been violated.

human stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

Yay, blame christianity!

I blame the Nokia N-gage, but I’m insane.

No no, the N-Gage is a valid scapegoat for pretty much any situation. That, and the Travelodge motel chain.

Chembot, I order you to breastfeed while playing the N-Gage



oh ok


Making a run at dumbest just yesterday was the woman whose favorite NBA player was Kobe Bryant because she wanted to have sex with him.

…Somehow I wonder if that sect she belongs to is actually the Gorean lifestyle under a stage-name…

well kobe is my favorite player because i <s>want to have</s> think he’s a great basketball player, <s>he has a great technique</s> he has great basketball skills.

Indeed. His technique is so renowned that juries even mull over it with the keenest of interest.