A Semi-Serious Question for Roms

I noticed that Trotsky’s and your sig are .php files and will change to a large variety of different pictures upon refreshing the page (psx-dude also has this sig, I think). My question is: How would one go about making such a .php picture that changes to many different pictures?

I think I can field this one…


you just need a server that supports php and a directory of images, oh and a text editor, real simple and straight forward

I am very stupid and do not understand the text on this file. Tell me what to type where.

lets say you have a directory called randomimage, and a subdirectory called signatures with all your images in it, just put the file in the directory randomimage. then call that file.

Okay, here’s my deal.y. I took the downloaded ‘randomimage.php’ and put it in my root ftp folder. I made a folder in the root called ‘signatures’ and put a couple images in there. I called the .php file via browser by typing in www.bsu.edu/web/smmaher/randomimage.php . It asked me to download it, so I said ‘cancel’. Next thing I tried was loading that same site (www.bsu.edu/web/smmaher/randomimage.php) as an image file in my sig for these forums, but it just showed up as an ‘X’. What is the problem? Could it be I have no php support, or is there something I need to do?

you don’t have php support

Roxxin. Thanks for the info!

I didn’t understand how it worked either.

That’s why I, evidently, love the cock…

Sigh. Hate Roms.

I should really make more sig pictures for you. Four isn’t nearly enough.

But… I don’t love the cock…

That’s why it loses all of it’s illegal back-alley fights! And never makes it with females!