A fun game for all

Hey guys. I was trying to draw a Goomba with Artpad, but I completely messed up the goomba anatomy, and decided to finish it as messed up anyway.

Here is my challenge to you: FIX THE GOOMBA


I’m thinking if you guys fix it I’ll draw an inaccurate Koopa Troopa next, and so on.

Here’s a picture of a goomba for reference:

The colors are up to you, but the ones I used are accurate in certain games, so don’t feel like you have to fix that.

<a href=“http://artpad.art.com/gallery/?izsocpziyto” target=_blank>Fixed</a>.

A good fist effort! Does anyone else want to give it a shot? Using the original as a base, of course.

[url=“http://artpad.art.com/?izu6pkbhma0”]I am not too good at goombas so here is a picture of a fish looking at my attempt at a goomba!