A delightful e/n post, brought to you by Smee

Everything / Nothing.

I’m not a happy person. I don’t have things I want, and I do have things (problems) I don’t want. But I am not a sad person. I have no reason to be sad, but I have no reason to be happy either. The specifics of my life won’t be discussed. IE - why I am sad, and not sad, and happy, and not happy.

As I type this now, in the background is a flower. We’ve all seen this flower. I don’t know why, but I like this flower. Its a nice flower. I am not a florist, so I do not know what species of flower it is, so I will just call it The White Flower. Problem is, the white flower looks just fine in mozilla. However, in IE 5, it moves strangely as I type. I don’t like this, but its nothing more than a small aesthetic nuisance.

Enough of the nerdyness.

I like Star Trek. Especially The Next Generation. I don’t like any of the other series as much as I do TNG. Its just the best in my eyes. I also don’t like any other sci-fi television series besides Star Trek. I don’t know why.

The video card in this computer blew out the other day. It was a GeForce 4 Ti4200. I don’t know why it blew out, it just did. It doesn’t work anymore. So I put in a radeon 9000 and it works just fine. I like ATI.

Which reminds me of my gamecube. I rented Viewtiful Joe. I am glad I merely rented it. I don’t like that game. I love the concept, but some of the bosses are just mind-numbingly hard, and it takes away a lot of the fun of the game for me. I am a gamer who plays a game to have fun… not to overcome some massively impossible hurdle. I often play games on Easy just because I know I won’t horribly lose. This is also part of the reason I do not play many online multiplayer games anymore. I don’t like losing. In fact, I don’t even care for gaming much anymore. At least not PC gaming. I know every gamer says “ILL BE A GAMER TILL THE DAY I DIE!!!”. I wonder how many of them actually live up to that. I guess about 5% of them do. I mean, I will still play games, I still do play games, but I play them for the sake of playing them. I also like to just play through a game once, just once, so I can have a justified opinion of the game, rather than have a blind closed-minded “HURR DURR YOUR GAME SUCKS” attitude. I like being open minded.

However, a phrase I once heard that I have tried to live by ever since I heard it is “If your mind is too open, anybody can just walk on in and take over”. I like to be open minded, and mindful of others opinions, religions, political views, fashion, eating habits, things like that. But I also have to have a small degree of spiteful bitterness to me, otherwise I’ll be vunerable and easily manipulated. It is very easy to manipulate the truly open minded if you play your cards right.

Then again I suppose it is easy to manipulate anybody, if you know what you are doing. Its easy to do anything, if you know what you are doing. What a dumb phrase. “Its easy to _____ if you know what you are doing”. I mean, no shit, its obviously not very easy to perform Quantitative (sp?) Mathmatics if you DONT know Quantitative (sp?) Mathmatics. Same goes for rocket science. Or brain surgery. Or knitting.

I’m done.

I tried that knitting once, its a lot harder than it looks.

But I guess you have to be happy with things you do got, than be upset with things you dont.

About Sci-fi shows, Star Trek is a good series, but I also really like other sci-fi shows like that quantum leap that used to be on all the time, farscape was a great show too, they are a lot of good sci-fi shows that I think are pretty good.

And with games, I dont really mind losing in a game as long as I had fun playing it, but I agree with what you say about games, as in its not very fun playing a game which is[size=1] incredibly frustratingly hard the whole way through[/size][size=1].[/size]

[size=1]This is a good e/n thread. :)[/size]

Star Trek presents a belief in the human race’s ability to pull itself out of its own shitstorm. Few other series really do that without seeming corny.

flower… flowers are pretty.

So is neo-cubist art.

My mum knits things, or she used to , now she makes quilts which are great… especially when she gives you them, then visits you and wonders where they are.

Those kinds of people are frightening. “The Cult of the Quilt” or something.