9-11-01 to 9-11-03 2 Year Annivsary

We look at the past and see those that we knew, loved, were friends and relatives. Where are they now? Can we say they are resting? Can we put aside our anger, our grief, our thirst for justice? It’s a sad day today and I don’t think I’ll ever forget this day. May My Friends find peace in the knowledge that thier spirits are not forgotten nor their sacrifice. I miss you both

Tragedy? Yes, of course.

However, disinformation may be even more tragic:

“70% of Americans believe that Saddam Hussein was somehow responsible for September 11. Yet strangely enough, not a real shred of evidence has tied Saddam Hussein to September 11 or even to bin Laden.”

Also, don’t forget that today is the anniversary of Pinochet’s bloody march to victory in Chile, where over 3000 innocent Chileans died because a brutal fascist dictator decided today was as good a day as any to take over a nation.

And, let’s not forget the meaning of the word “tragedy.” A fatal character flaw leads to your downfall. Do we know what that fatal character flaw was? I don’t think it was “they hate us because we are free.”

Still, bad day for everyone.

Yes, I myself caught a cold.

I failed a math test.

Tomorrow, I have to go to French. Yesterday, I had to go to French. Today, I did not have to go to French. Today kicks ass.

I have no school tomorrow or any Friday. Tomorrow kicks today’s ass.

Also, happy birthday Paul Heyman!

I got a day off of work (unrelated to 9-11, I just get thursdays off) and I sat arround playing Tron 2.0 alot. I umm, thought about the towers though, so I’m fulfilling my legal obligation of not forgetting or something.

While I will agree on the Hussein point (any evidence is purely circumstantial, even though we never explicitly stated at ALL that Hussein had a role in Sept. 11 (aside from POSSIBLE funding in that one Czech affair… Remember that? But it really didn’t come to that much in terms of justification).) The statement about bin Laden on the other hand is completely false. There is more than enough evidence linking the act to Al Qaeda and in that respect, indirectly to bin Laden (alright, so we don’t know for sure that bin Laden gave the OK, and we never will, but chances are likely that he did, and if he did not, he certainly OK’d the project at some stage.)

Also, why am I not surprised that Leon is the ONLY person who posted ANYTHING about the incident in a remotely “NEVAR FORGET” fashion today? Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get this next year too ^^

But is there evidence linking Mr. Saddam to Mr. Osama? No. Thus you lose, because that’s the only thing Trot could have meant that made sense in context.

my car transmission died 9/11/2003, i ended up parking it in front of house 911 to wait for tow truck.

Screw each and everyone of you. You fail to have any remorse.
And if you so convientlly forgot? I lost 2 friends in 9-11 so excuse the F*ck out of me for expressing jack shit here. Assholes.