(8L----I am a trotsky smilie

(8V)---------------------And as such I lead a luxurious existence. Now, you may be thinking “But how can a smilie be sentient?” Well, since I was born in the eighties: lightning. Solved every mystery back then. Anyway, my point is that I notice this board has become lamer than ever, mostly due to Romsus not making any new taylons you fags can quote and hyperlink to. I ate some arby’s while pondering how to solve this. Unfortunately, the delicious taste of ham muddied my thoughts and next thing I know, I wake up on a dickgirl forum covered in what I hope was mayo.

(8<---------So after that erotic episode, I went to view some gay porn to clear my head. It dawned on me to ask roms to make new taylons, but nooooo! He is far too foolish to do such a thing. I began to get frustrated at this problem, since my 23 points of IQ could seemingly not find a solution! I set out to the local rave joint to unwind.

(8<>8)------------Tom was there <3

(8 )--------------------So I woke up in ditch, with a nasty taste in my mouth. Then I thought: “Nasty? Of course! That Oblivion fool can make some taylon the sprite!” I rushed to my computer to ask him on the aim machine. The results were this:

(8L(8V)(8<>8)(8 )(8( ): Greetings you fool. I need your assistance.
Oblivington: Izzat u trot
(8L(8V)(8<>8)(8 )(8( ): Actually I’m his smilie equivalent, Trotsky_to_Smilie.
Oblivington: lolz whatvr rofl
(8L(8V)(8<>8)(8 )(8( ): Pay attention, fool! This is a matter of great importance! As great as gay porn is hot!
Oblivington: whut
(8L(8V)(8<>8)(8 )(8( ): I have devised a plan to make the romshand forums less gay!
Oblivington: ban pipian?
(8L(8V)(8<>8)(8 )(8( ): Even better! You will make more Taylon the sprite, and people will be happy because it is taylon!
(8L(8V)(8<>8)(8 )(8( ): It is genius!
Oblivington: n
(8L(8V)(8<>8)(8 )(8( ): What? WHAT?
Oblivington: Thas 2 hard 2 mak dud
(8L(8V)(8<>8)(8 )(8( ): YOU LAZY FUCKTARD! HAVE YOU NO HEART?!?
Oblivington: more like bret hart
(8L(8V)(8<>8)(8 )(8( ): What?
Oblivington: lol

(8( )----------------Anyway, this goes on for a while. In the end, I was not able to convince him to make a Taylon the Sprite. But he did make some stupid new Best One Yet. So enjoy, it’s the best my lard ass could do for this place.


98V)----------Peace out y’all. I’m off to watch my Conan DVDs and masturbate furiously.


That is the wordiest comic I have ever seen!

too many words, closed the page after half a second. WORDS ARE NOT FUNNY

I enjoyed it.

Mainly because it involved me.

Well, time for the sprite. Then it’s off to sense, to… NOT MAKE SENSE!



That was good but your trotsky orb will give me nightmares.

  • mocks your spritery *

I don’t see entertainment. OBLIVION IS THE WINNER THIS DAY.

Oooh, burn.

That was good but your trotsky orb will give me nightmares.

Yeah it tends to have that effect. I created it in a haze of pain, it was borne of fire and death.

It comes for you when you sleep.