7 New video game movies confirmed =/

I have no idea what video game is called Ghost in the Shell, Leon.

there playstation…

I heard that game was terrible

It’s a matter of opinion. Some say the appleseed game for PS Japan sucked but poeple that did the import say it kicked ass. Just depends, play see and enjoy .

They’ll all be just as great as the Mario Bros. Movie… We all know how awesome that movie was :barf: :barf:

Oh great, another Street Fighter 2 movie, thats all we need.

All you need is love.

I would love to see a Deus Ex movie, but only if they somehow remained loyal to the original plot AND managed to make it less than 6 hours in the process (the game’s plotline is kinda… epic).

As for those other up-and-coming titles, haven’t heard anything about any of them except for Cradle of Suck and Devil May Cry. I know that Cradle of Suck will be automatically crappy because it’s a Tomb Raider sequel, but I’m hoping Devil May Cry is good, mostly because I liked the games.

Hehe it should be extra scary and gothic blah blah


Omg where’s my killing stick.

Thats not a real movie Zeid, it was just a high school project for them. :stuck_out_tongue:
But, yeah if it was real they should be shot.

Still… must find stick.

They are to blame for even considering it!

Wow, even from looking at the behind-the-scenes shots, I can already tell how amazingly wrong this is.

Is the guy with the moustache and the lab coat supposed to be Dr. Wiley, or just the criminally insane goof-racket who thought up this monstrosity?

Better hurry up with that stick Zeidrich…

Hey, it’s Silent Bob!

Oh wait, no it’s not.:frowning:

I guess I have to give them point(s) for the costume design… kids at my high school couldnt make a bullet proof vest out of cardboard even if they had the help of a military consultant…

hehe yeah, and if I see flashlights instead of real plasma blasters, I’m gonna have to rape somebody

Well now Battle Angel Alita will be out this summer and it is something that looks to be awesome. I am really looking forward to it.

Actually the new Fan Film was done with Ainsley Bircher AKA Samus Aran and is one of the better cosplay creators I’ve got to know of. Link will be Metroid FanFilm

There is a Sonic The Hedge Hog movie? This will end it tears I know it.