28 Days Later

Anybody seen this movie? If you like zombie movies it looks like a must see. Basically, the film picks up 28 days after a virus sweeps over England, turning people into ravenous zombies, but they don’t just stumble around, they’re more like animals with the speed and strength of a regular human.
I am so seeing this.

I saw that trailer a couple weeks ago, and I almost exploded.

When is it coming to the States, do you know?

Well, the site says June 27th. I can assume thats in the states.

sooo… Produced in England?

Yep, it looks awesome too.

Indeed they had a lil party for it at conduit, the con here a few weeks back got one of those window thingies you stick on glass saying YOU HAVE 28 Days left ! Bwhahahaha! its kinda kool

doesn’t look as good as resident evil, and of course it’s pretty much a copy of the resident evil movies.
I want resident evil 2 damn’t!

Im looking forward to the 2nd RE movie also, as well as this.

Resident Evil movie= The suck.

28 days later=Not so much suck+brittish accents that aren’t fake. Also, no insanely scrawny chick who pulls Kung-fu crap outta nowhere.

We have a winner.

hey, milla jovovich is hot, she was trained in kung-fu and stuff and remembered it suddenly, is that so oddball?

No but The Fake accent ? She’s no Rav thats for sure. He’s got a “Accent” ! :wink:

I’ve seen this film, it needed more violence.

Apart from that it was ok, some nice camera work.

the movie was GOOD, despite the obvious poor DV quality of the film.

It was good, but I thought it was supposed to be a scary movie…

Also, it needed more Infected action.

I thought it was scary as fuck, and also as good as fuck.

And awesome to boot.

Plus, you’re just like sitting there watching the movie, and you’re like: zombie movie. Then BAM, the director throws in like a fucking Monet painting mixed in with the long shot of the car driving down the road for no good reason, and then your head explodes.

Best movie of the summer.