2 AG Neovo F419 monitors - $20 + shipping each

Let me know your address if you’re interested. I’m in Newbury Park, CA.

I have two AG Neovo F419 monitors, 1280x1024 resolution 19", DVI, VGA. Straight power connection, no AC/DC Converter needed, same as power cord for PC. Beautiful monitors.

Yes, but you haven’t placed up a price tag to haggle with as of yet.

$20 + ship each :slight_smile:

oMG really ? did I forget about this? CRAP! You still have them Chris?

Yep! Are you interested? I don’t know how much shipping would cost though.

Yes, trying to get sell off some of things off on ebay. Best to have the monitors prepacked and weighed out that way all you have to do is punch in the zip from and to and it will tell you the cost. OH the love of working shipping and handling these days.

How much did you get for the monitors Chris ?